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5/5 based on 313 reviews

Mr Tailor

Giant removals provided excellent service at very reasonable price. Sam and his colleague were the most helpful and friendly removals people we have had the pleasure to meet. They had a full packed van which they packed really professionally and transported safely. They had lifted heaving sewing machines and went up and down the stairs. Very hard working guys. It was also bad weather with sleeting rain and cold, but they worked with a smile and transported things to garage. So polite and gracious which made a stressful time less hard as they took all the strain out of moving. Thank you Sam and his helper you were excellent, we are very grateful. Wish you well full review

Liz Naylor

I was actually a bit sceptical about the online reviews for Giant Removals – the internet being a minefield of bogus 5* reviews. Very happy to say that what you read is completely accurate and the service from Giant is exceptional. The 2 crew turned up on the dot and were meticulous in how they packed, took care with all the items and were super efficient. We have previously used other comparison sites and had removal crew who worked at a snail's pace to extend the hours. Not so these guys – amazing work rate, cheerful, polite and really lovely guys. Prices were significantly cheaper than other comparison sites. It's so refreshing to encounter a company with such great customer service. If you are moving house or flat these are the people you need.Thank you to our 2 crew. full review

Liam Lawrance

Absolutely fantastic! We have moved many times before, so I feel that we are well placed to judge the experience with Giant Removals. I have to say that our expectations on price and service were exceeded. They made the stressful process of our move. From day one we were impressed, they were very personable and knowledgeable when they visited our home and gave lots of tips on reducing the cost. My movers were warm, friendly, relaxed and very helpful. We cannot speak highly enough of our experience and would not hesitate to recommend Giant Removals. full review

Jason Blake

No issues at all. Uplift / delivery crew were excellent. Fast, courteous and accommodating. Very happy with the crew. Packing done very well. full review

Leonard Grant

Brilliant experience from start to finish, nothing was a problem at either end, they took special care of my TV which I really appreciated, asked me where I wanted everything placed, the guys were so friendly. We will use Giant Removals from now on. full review

Sonia Shemla

Excellent service, price and communication from day one of our move. We got quotes from all the big removal companies and Giant Removals beat them all with fantastic customer service and a very competitive price. Giant Removals put our minds at rest immediately, and there professional pickup and drop off teams made at very stressful exercise an absolute breeze. I cannot recommend Giant Removals highly enough. Five stars is not enough! full review


Used Giant Removals for a local move and was really impressed from start to finish with service, price and particularly attitude of movers. Big thanks to my movers for the awesome job. Will be hopefully using you again for an interstate move soon :) full review

Anna Miller

Giant Removals were excellent in efficiency and ensuring our furniture etc. was packed and delivered safely. They took much care and pride in their work and were very friendly. full review

Hannah Gill

Excellent customer service and care. You guys made my relocation so much less stressful from the start to finish. 10/10. will definitely use again or highly recommend. full review

Irene Lawrance

Quick response and Quick delivery, had large machinery to get delivered and all was handled in a professional and friendly manner! - Excellent Customer Service!! full review


This August, I was looking a moving company and goggled and find out giant removals and tried it. It let several moving companies to contact me, and gave me quotes, and I found one good company to help me move. Thank you giant removals for your great information and saving my time to call different companies to get quotes. I appreciate. Great job! full review

Irena Walker

I recently used Giant Removals for the second time in less than 2 years. Once again everything was perfect. The professionalism was seen on all levels and the move went perfectly. Thank you so very much and I will continue to recommend Giant Removals as the ONLY moving company to use! full review

Stewart Hughes

It helps you get quotes from several different moving companies by just filling out a few questions. I would recommend as a place to start when looking for moving companies. full review

Becky And Fay

Sam and Damian from Giant Removals moved us from Richmond to Brighton and they were very friendly, professional and worked quickly and efficiently. We would recommend them highly. full review

Carl Rees

Giant Removals was absolutely fantastic. They were completely reliable, trustworthy and on-time for all pick-ups and drop-offs. The 4 gentlemen who helped with our move were efficient, hard-working and very easy to get along with... even when unanticipated challenges arose! I will continue to use Giant Removals again and again and refer them to anyone I know that is moving. full review

David Mackey

The company's Moving People are very friendly and completed packing within 6 hours from start to finish. They are very helpful regarding questions and insuring your Date for delivery is on time. I have used 6 moving company's over the 15 years and Giant Removals is truly the best... full review

Willam Quinn

I had a great experience with Giant Removals. They showed up right on time. I explained what I needed and they went right to work. All the guys worked steadily, but carefully throughout the move. They actually finished at least 1.5 hours faster than I had planned and I was grateful for the savings. More importantly, the attitudes of all the workers were pleasant and jovial. They acted like they wanted to be there and to do a good job. I was very happy to have them moving my household. Thanks! full review

Helle Hammonds

These guys where so nice - super professional. So great I recommended to my best friend to use them and they did a few days later. On my job they went above and beyond just to get the job done. They where even grateful for the work and so nice - this does not happen often in London. AMAZING- DEFO 5 STARS full review

*Last update 06 May 2019


Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are for all the contracts, which are agreed between a client and Giant Removals removal company. These terms are conditions clearly state responsibilities of clients and removal company. In the following text we, us and our refer to the Giant Removals company, while you and your are used for the customers. Similarly, the word "goods" is used for the products that removal company stores or removes according to the contract. Every customer should read these terms and conditions and if he has any objection he has to make it clear with the removal company.

  1. Important note regarding Ownership

    You hereby agree that you are

    • 1.1 Owner of the goods
    • 1.2 Authorized by the owner to sign this contract on his behalf
    • 1.3 You have the responsibility to bear the expense, if they are due to
      • Your Untrue statement
      • Your statement (a) is not true
  2. Quotations

    Our quotation, unless otherwise stated, does not include insurance, quotations will include value added tax, but any other duties or fee are not part of quotations and if there are any you have to pay them.

    • 2.1 Quotations are fixed, but we have the right to make changes, according to the following conditions:
      • If work is not completed due to any reason, which is not under our control
      • Currency fluctuations raise our fee, or if there is a change in tax rates
      • If goods are removed or delivered from the first upper floor or above
      • Any extra services
      • Delivery point is not in reach of vehicles
      • Parking fee or any other charges, which relate to our services
    • 2.2 The quotation does not guarantee availability of vehicles. A written confirmation will guarantee that we will move your goods at particular day
  3. Goods that we aren't accepting for removal
    • 3.1 We can remove all kinds of good upon your request, however there are few exceptions.
      • Living things, like plants, fish, animals etc.
      • Infection causing goods
      • Goods that need a specific license from authorities
      • Goods that need licenses before import and export
      • Any frozen foods or drinks
      • Any kind of drugs
      • Any illegal, stolen or prohibited goods
      • Any dangerous, explosive or damaging goods in all forms
      • Any kind of jewellery, expansive metals, stones or similar goods
      • Money, legal documents regarding finances and leases
      • Any kind of collection, like coins, stamps or anything
    • 3.2 If you wish to remove or storage anyone of the above stated goods, you should ask clearly in advance. We are not bound to remove or store them, unless we agree and confirm in writing. We can also demand extra charges in such cases and if you don't agree you have to end the contract before we start the process.
    • 3.3 If we remove or store any of the above stated goods, we will not be responsible for any kind of damage, which occurs due to the special nature of the goods.
    • 3.4 If we remove these goods, without our knowledge, you will be responsible for any kind of damage and you will pay all kinds of costs, not just the clean up ad damage costs.
  4. Our duty
    • 4.1 Our responsibility will be as follows
      • If we have agreed, we will pack goods
      • We will remove them on specific time and will deliver to the given address
      • If we have agreed, we will unpack the
      • If we have agreed, we will store them
      • If we have agreed, we will disassemble and reassemble furniture
    • 4.2 When goods will be in our custody, we will take care of them. We have professionally trained people for this purpose.
    • 4.3 Giant Removals have a Liability Policy underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc. This policy provides protection for your goods in transit subject to a limit of indemnity of £30,000 per vehicle load.
    • 4.5 In the unlikely event that damage occurs to your goods, the customer must pay the first £250 of any claim.
    • 4.6 The client must inform Giant Removals via email to of any loss or damage to property, within 48 hours.
    • 4.7 Any insurance claim is independent of the final bill owed to Giant Removals. In the unlikely event of any loss or damage to property, the removals service would still need to be paid for in full, and any insurance claim would then be handled by our insurers.
  5. Things which are not our responsibility unless agreed.
    • 5.1 We provide removal and storage services, but some services are not our duty, which are as follows
      • Disassemble and reassemble of furniture and other fittings
      • Reconnecting of equipment
      • Securing any appliances, like washing machines
      • Laying floor coverings
      • Removal of heaters, but if they are disconnected
    • 5.2 Our staff has got Manual Handling and Health & Safety training to carry out these jobs so you do not have to hire professional people for this purpose.
  6. Client's duty

    The followings are the responsibility of clients, and he has to take care of following things

    • 6.1 Mention the value of your goods clearly.
    • 6.2 You have to complete all the necessary documents for removal.
    • 6.4 You should be present at the time of removal and make sure that nothing left behind.
    • 6.4 All appliances should be in removable state.
    • 6.5 Ensure that all domestic and garden appliances are clean and have no residual fluid left in them.
    • 6.6 It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that a space for the van is booked with local council.
    • 6.7 If a Penalty charge notice is issued as a result of a parking space not being reserved for the Giant Removals vehicle then you are responsible to pay any cost incurred.
    • 6.8 You have to pay any meter costs incurred by Giant Removals.
    • 6.9 Arrange proper protection for goods left in unoccupied or unattended.

    We will not responsible for any kind of damage, if caused by your neglance or absence and will not bear any documentation charges.

  7. Cancellation of booking or rescheduled
    • 7.1 If you cancel the booking or postpone it we will charge you as follows
    • 7.2 Between 4-6 days: 35% fee of the deposit
    • 7.3 Between 1-3 days: 50% fee of the deposit
    • 7.4 Less than 24 hours: Total amount of the deposit
    • 7.5 If you cancel booking or postpone it 7 days before, we will not charge you anything
  8. Payment of charges

    You have to clear all the charges, before delivery of good. If there are any delays, we will charge according to 2% interest rate per month. If payments are not made before removal, we have the right to terminate the contract.

  9. Our responsibility for loss
    • 9.1 If we are not given any information about the value of your goods, we will pay you up to 50 pounds, the maximum for each good damaged
    • 9.2 If we decide to repair the item, we will not pay depreciation cost
    • 9.3 If the loss is due to our negligence, we will pay it otherwise we are not responsible for any kind of damage caused by
      • Fire, no matter what is the cause
      • War, terrorism, civil war, any act of God, any accident which is beyond our control
    • 9.4 Common wear and tear, like evaporation of unstable material
    • 9.5 Vermin infestation
    • 9.6 Cleaning or any restoration, which is not done by us
    • 9.7 Derangements of any appliance, electrical or mechanical
    • 9.8 We will not be responsible for goods in wardrobes, drawers and in packings
    • 9.9 Already defective goods
  10. Damage to property

    Because third party contractors are frequently present at the time of collection or delivery it is not always possible to establish who was responsible for loss or damage, therefore our liability for loss or damage is limited as follows:

    • 10.1 If we cause loss or damage to premises or property other than goods for removal as a result of our negligence or breach of contract, our liability shall be limited to making good the damaged area only.
    • 10.2 If we cause damage as a result of moving goods under your express instruction, against our advice and where to move the goods in the manner instructed is likely to cause damage, we shall not be liable.
    • 10.3 If we are responsible for causing damage to your premises or to property other than goods submitted for removal and/or storage, you must note this on the worksheet or delivery receipt as soon as practically possible or by the following working day. This is fundamental to the agreement.
  11. Time Limits for claims

    We will not entertain any loss or damage, unless you notify within 48 hours via email to Unless we agree to the extension in writing.

  12. Disposal of goods

    We have reserved the right to hold or dispose of goods, unless you made complete payment. When we hold your goods, you will pay not only the storage charges but all kinds of other charges also.

  13. Storage
    • 13.1 If you need storage services you have to request for them and provide a forwarding address too.
    • 13.2 Means of transportation will be our choice.
    • 13.3 You will pay all storage charges in advance. Storage charges are reviewed regularly.
  14. Bookings

    By making a booking, you fully agree and accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy.