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Safe & Vault Removals by our heavy items moving specialists in London and surrounding areas

Giant Removals Ltd. - Safe Removals relocation in London

Giant Removals offer lifting and moving heavy objects service at affordable prices and at the times tailored to your business needs. We use specialist stair climbing equipment to move heavy items such as safes and vaults either from offices or your home. Moving these bulky objects – safes, cash boxes, safe cabinets or guns cabinets is smooth and hassle free with Giant Removals. Our professional heavy lifters and specialist machines will do the lifting and heavy items transfer for you.

At Giant Removals we can move special heavy units such as safes and vaults, cash boxes, safe cabinets or guns cabinets, each weighing up to 680kg. We use and stair climbers to avoid damage to the heavy item and the building.

As a heavy lifting company, we know that when you move your business, you want minimum downtime and as little disruption for your customers and staff as possible. We understand that in the relocation of safes or safe cabinets from your home, you need discretion, security and efficiency. We offer bespoke heavy items removals service, meticulously planning the whole process to maintain your staff morale and your business reputation intact. Giant Removals never leave anything to chance and plan every stage of your safe(s) removal process carefully to guarantee your business continuity. Our specialist equipment has the lifting capacity for bulky objects weighing up to 680kg. By means of our handy stair climber, we will move your possessions down or up the stairs and transfer them effortlessly to your new office or home. We offer heavy units removals at times that suit you – regular or out of hours, on weekdays and weekends at affordable prices.

Giant Removals Ltd. - Safe Removals relocation in London

Our professional heavy item movers will carry the following objects; the list is by no means exhaustive

Safes and Vaults (up to 680kg)

Safes and Vaults (up to 680kg)

- whether they are large or small, to be moved internally or to a different location, we will tailor our service to suit your requirements; our heavy objects removal professionals will use heavy items lifting equipment and can therefore undertake all manners of safe & vault relocations.
Parcels up to 680kg Removals - London

Parcels up to 680kg

- they are part and parcel of every heavy items removal process; whether it is a couple of parcels stacked up together or single exceptionally large object, our heavy lifting professionals will handle those heavy / bulky parcels with our stair climbing machine, transferring your heavy pa
Safe, guns cabinets, cash boxes (up to 680kg) removals - London

Safe/ guns cabinets/ cash boxes (up to 680kg)

– we specialize in lifting, shifting and relocating various sizes cabinets up to 680kg each; our professional movers will use a stair climbing machine to streamline the relocation of your home or heavy items from your company.
Any other heavy/ awkward/ bulky item weighing up to 680kg removals - London

Any other heavy/ awkward/ bulky item weighing up to 680kg

- our professional residential movers have vast experience in moving a plethora of heavy units such as safes; they will move your heavy valuables smoothly, offering full insurance during the relocation process.

Move your heavy units with Giant Removals

We understand that every heavy items relocation is different so we will view your site, listen to your suggestions and offer specialist advice on how best to handle moving your heavy units. For no obligation quote/ advice, give us a call. Every relocation of heavy objects such as vaults or safes undertaken by our professional movers complies with all Health & Safety Legislation as well ensures all regulations for transporting heavy goods are followed at all times.