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Moving heavy fine art objects in London has never been that easy!

Giant Removals - team of specialist heavy object movers in London and surrounding areas, safely lifting and carrying heavy items smoothly; call for free quote! We are experts in relocation of heavy fine art weighing up to 680kg

Giant Removals specialize in the moving of heavy and large objects, which requires not only muscles but specialist equipment and experience in handling heavy and sizable items. Leave the daunting task of heavy lifting to Giant Removals. Our stair climbing machine will safely and smoothly move your bulky and heavy objects.

If you are an art connoisseur and want to relocate, trust the Giant Removals heavy objects lifting and moving specialists to action the move efficiently and safely. Giant Removals will safely move heavy items weighing up to 680kg. Our lifting specialists will move heavy objects such as pianos, sculptures, statues and fine art items with special care. We understand that these heavy items are often extremely cared for possessions. Please be assured that Giant Removals heavy items lifters will move these valuable heavy items with utmost protection

Giant Removals Ltd. - Safe Removals relocation in London

Our team of experienced heavy items movers will gather all the details of what bulky items need to be relocated to tailor the task, materials and equipment to your needs. We understand that perfect preparation saves energy and our and your resources. Therefore, when you call our professional heavy items movers for a free quote, you will be asked plenty of questions on the weight and size of your bulky/ heavy objects so that Giant Removals could provide you with the best customer experience possible. We also understand that you shop around to source the heavy objects removal service which would suit your needs best so we offer no obligation quotes.

Moving a house full of heavy fine art? Contact the Giant Removals who will do the heavy lifting and moving of bulky/ heavy items professionally

Pianos, bulky instruments weighing up to 680kg:

Giant Removals are a team of heavy objects specialists who will move your heavy valuables where you need them. If your low rise accommodation does not have a lift, our stair climbing equipment will move your piano down and up the stairs easily and safely. Your heavy items are fully insured throughout the whole moving process.

Statues Removal Service up to 680kg:

Our heavy items movers will transport your beloved art by means of specialist equipment to ensure safety and care for your heavy objects; to put your mind at ease, all your heavy valuables are covered by full insurance; our heavy object movers will move, pack and load your bulky possessions with care in order to protect and secure your antiques to reach their new destination.

Sculptures Removal Service: up to 680kg:

Giant Removals pride themselves on attention to details and in-depth knowledge how to properly move heavy objects such as sculptures. We invest in specialist equipment to easily and safely transfer your heavy fine art objects down and up the stairs if you live in a low-rise block of flat without a lift. Not a problem for us!

Fine art weighing up to 680kg

with our specialist equipment able to transfer any heavy item up to 680kg up and down the stairs, moving heavy objects is not longer a daunting process; leave the hassle to us – we have vast experience and fantastic equipment to do lifting, packing and carrying heavy objects safely and efficiently.