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Industrial Units (up to 680kg) Removals

Giant Removals specialise in handling relocations of heavy, bulky, awkward sized objects for all kinds of businesses and commercial facilities. Our heavy item removal professionals have been conducting commercial removals for London companies and institutions for years now. Therefore, leave the heavy-duty task of relocating your industrial unit with us. That will save your time, nerves, and money. Not only do we have the experience to remove your heavy industrial units efficiently and smoothly, but we offer the heavy lifting services at affordable prices.

Contact the Giant Removals if you need to relocate your business in London and surrounding areas. Thanks to our specialist heavy object lifting equipment, we will lift, carry and move any heavy object weighing up to 680kg. Giants' specialist heavy object movers will relocate your restaurant, pub, bakery, café, catering business and a takeaway. Just to give you an idea of the heavy items that we can deal with, our heavy lifting equipment will transport industrial freezers and dryers, industrial washing machines for laundromats, industrial fridges, stoves and cookers, barrels and drums, barbecue equipment and furnaces. Our commercial movers will be more than happy to come on-site and estimate the volume of the load that needs to be relocated. Alternatively, you can show us all the details via a video link. All heavy objects which we relocate are fully insured. Giants' heavy removal professions will make sure that your business operations are disrupted as little as possible. For your convenience, we offer bespoke commercial removals service and full flexibility to carry out your move outside business hours – early moves, late moves, the next day or moving on a bank holiday – you can count on us. If you are planning to relocate your business within London or surrounding areas, call us for a no-obligation quote! One of our team is always on hand to answer questions and deal with enquiries.

Giant Removals Ltd. - Safe Removals relocation in London

Businesses which we can help to relocate:


our heavy items lifting specialists will make sure that your industrial washing machines is lifted, shifted to the van and transported safely and efficiently to their destination

Catering businesses:

we will lift and shift your industrial cookers, industrial fridges, fridge-freezers, barbecue equipment, industrial cookers, furnaces, vending machines, industrial dishwashers - leave the task of lifting, shifting and relocation of your business with us and our specialist equipment!

Retail businesses:

stay ensured that all your assets, furniture and valuables are carefully packaged and removed. To guarantee continuity of your business, we will be happy to work outside regular hours;


nothing is too daunting for us – we have been there and relocated hundreds of offices, we have the requisite know-how and specialist heavy items lifting equipment to relocate your business efficiently

Heavy and bulky items removals in London
Heavy and bulky items removals in London
Heavy and bulky items removals in London
Heavy and bulky items removals in London

Why choose Giant Removals to relocate your business?

  • We have vast experience in relocating businesses
  • Our specialist heavy object lifting equipment will lift and shift your heavy items to a van
  • We can provide packing materials for you
  • Comprehensive Insurance cover is guaranteed
  • Giants' heavy items stair climbing machine will handle relocation from and into low-rise building as well as tower blocks;
  • We offer full flexibility to suit your business needs; if you would like us to relocate your infrastructure outside regular hours, at weekends, we can do it for you. We guarantee as little downtime as possible;
  • To save your time and, ultimately money, our professional movers can organise all the packing for you so that you could focus on running your business;

Call us immediately for more advice and direction.