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Safe stair climbing removals in london.

Giant Removals guarantee secure safe relocation for both business and private clients. Our safe stair climbing equipment will lift and transport safes weighing up to 680 kg, moving them up or down the stairs, if need be, through challenging and awkward spaces, to your desired destination. We offer either on site safe moves or will conduct the safe relocation process from an old site to a new location miles away. Giant Removals have the requisite resources to relocate your valuable safes such as security doors, deposit safes or cabinets - safely.

Giant Removals Ltd. - Safe Removals relocation in London

We will provide secure safe transportation thanks to our safe stair climbing machine which can lift and transport your deposit safe, security doors or cabinets weighing up to 680kg.

Safe stair climbing removals in london.

Call us if you are planning your safe relocation or safe disposal. We can establish important facts over the phone and provide you with the best quote without compromising the specialist safe removal quality. If your home or business is located on the ground floor, in the majority of cases, we can provide a quote over the phone. If the safe relocation requires climbing up or down the stairs, a detailed survey might need to be carried out to give you the exact cost of the move. By all means, call us for friendly and valuable advice to make an informed decision about your safe relocation.

Heavy Items Removals in London.

Giant Removals Ltd. - Safe Removals relocation in London

Safe relocation charges.

The safe relocation charges depend on the weight(s) of your safe(s) and the complexity of the location. Most safes weighing over 60kg can be transported and delivered by our team of qualified safe engineers in their fully equipped vehicles so that they can bolt down your safe at a suitable location with no need to carry out a site survey. If the weight exceeds 60kg, you will be kindly asked to complete a delivery questionnaire to make a determination of any additional costs related to the safe transportation down or up the stairs. Additional costs may apply if there are more than 2 steps along the access route or if the safe is too big to fit through the doorways or along the corridors, so more planning, resources and specialists will be needed on the site. In this instance, it is highly advisable to let our professional movers come to your home or business to get all the facts right first time round.

Remove skirting board before we install the safe

Please be mindful that our safe relocation service does not include removal of skirting boards prior to installing your safe. If a skirting board is not removed, even with the safe bolted into the floor, the gap between the wall and the safe will provide useful leverage for anyone unauthorised to remove the safe. We kindly request for the skirting board to be removed prior to the arrival of our crew to avoid delay in the service and incurring avoidable costs.

Check the suitability of the lift

A suitable lift will be capable of carrying the item plus any equipment, such as safe stair climbing trolleys, and don't forget the crew required to transport it. Please check the lift capacity against the weight of your safe and let us have a copy of the data plate. The capacity should be able to carry the weight of the safe, mechanical handling equipment and our delivery crews.

Please also check the dimensions of the lift - its height, width and depth. There must be sufficient room for the safe to be easily placed inside and then brought out on the delivery floor so there must be plenty of space in addition to the safe's own external dimensions.

Check suitability of the stairs

If your safe is under 1200mm in height, suitable stairs are straight and right angled and more than 500mm wide. Giant Removals will still be able to deliver safes on non-standard stairs but would need to make an on-site visit to assess. It is absolutely crucial to double check the above first to avoid aborted delivery charges.

Do you need specialist movers for safe relocation or safe disposal in London and surrounding areas?

At Giant Removals, beside specialist safe relocation, we will install your security doors, cabinet(s) or deposit safe(s). We have the requisite know-how to carry out safe disposal, too. Our specialist safe movers are DBS checked and proficient in delivering full safe relocation service.

The process of your safe relocation and safe transportation can be daunting but the best way to avoid delays and unnecessary costs is gathering all crucial information for our crew to move your safe smoothly. There are a couple of things to consider before you book your service with us. The information we share on our website is based on the clients' feedback and our own experience of what went wrong in the past but could have been avoided if certain information had been established first.

In general, all free-standing safes come with fixing holes allowing them to be bolted at their base. Most safes are supplied complete with Anchor Bolts designed to be used with a solid surface such as concrete or brick. Solid wood such as floor joists are also suitable but require alternative heavy duty wood screws. We do not recommend bolting just to floor boards as they are not sturdy enough. In case you do not have a solid floor surface, you are kindly advised to consider a chemical installation or wall installation. If the security safe / deposit safe includes fixing holes at the rear, it is suitable for bolting into a solid brick wall. It will still require support at the base though. We advise against installing your safe to a stud wall as this could cause damage to your property and will not provide security. As mentioned before, if you choose to install your safe to a wall, please make sure that the skirting board in this part is removed. If you leave a space between the safe and the wall, then it would be easy to pry the safe from the wall and compromise the overall security.

Giant Removals Ltd. - Safe Removals relocation in London

If you have an underfloor heating, bolting your safe down to the floor is not advised. Instead, you could consider a chemical installation which involves securing the safe to the floor by means of an industrial strength adhesive to avoid potential damage to the underfloor pipe. As your safe installation is more or less permanent, if you are planning safe removal at some point, it will come with damaging the floor. Therefore, you need to consider all the variables very carefully to avoid unnecessary costs.

If you opt for fixing your safe to a floor, we recommend using 180mm bolts or 120mm.
Using shorter bolts is not recommended.

Prior to the arrival of our crew to install your deposit safe, security doors or cabinet, you need to arrange structural surveys or business to check if the building or floor level are structurally sound, and for the presence of any electrics or plumbing. It is your responsibility to have the essential structural surveys carried out as Giant Removals accept no responsibility for any damage to flooring or underground cables or pipes.

After all the requisite structural surveys are carried out, our team of DBS checked, professional staff will install your safe(s). The Giant Removals crew will also use our own fleet of high specification rigid vehicles with full height tail lifts, to carry out your safe transportation and safe relocation smoothly with maximum security.

Finally, Giant Removals can be instructed to carry out the task of safe disposal in line with the highest environmental standards. Before the ethical safe disposal, we will ask you questions on the characteristics of the safe to dispose of, such as what is the model number, whether the lock works; if the unit has a key; we might ask you for the picture of the safe to action the disposal smoothly and efficiently.

Call us immediately for more advice and direction.