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5/5 based on 164 reviews

Excellent value professional move to Luton

We had a great quote and excellent experience with Sam using his two men and a van service. Our house was not ready so had to move our 1 bed belongings to Safestore in Dunstable while we stayed in a bed and breakfast for two weeks. Giant Removals ... full review

Highly recommended

I can't recommend Sam and his team enough. They were a pleasure to work with, professional and efficient. The team moved our very full two bedroom flat across London into storage and then back out again into our new flat (up lots of stairs) quic... full review


Sam and his team helped us with our office move. Electrical equipment was wrapped and handled with care. They even managed our vintage arcade machine (which is the worse combination of large, very heavy and fragile) down two flights of stairs. Aga... full review

Trustworthy removal company

My husband found better it job in Milton Keyes and relocating our 2 bedroom property was necessary . We have used and were highly satisfied with their removal service . Giant Removals team took all the stress out of moving... full review

Ben Spencer
Home Moving Services from Croydon to Dartford

It was first time we had to move from Croydon to Dartford. My friend from work recommended Giant Removals which he found on removalsreviews website. After going to website we were able to calculate roughly our 2 bed removal c... full review

London to Liverpool removal services

I was looking for low cost removal service for my comming move. I have moved many times around London but this time we had to move from Holborn to Liverpool. There are many removals company around London but we had to be sure to choose reliable a... full review

Emma Parker
First class removal company!

Your service was always punctual, and professional, and took a lot of the stress out of moving, which is one of life's most stressful experiences. Professional, friendly staff and very well organised. My experience with this company was fabulous. ... full review

House Moving Service Giant Removals Review

I do not usually have time to do reviews but Giant Removals deserve great review. 2 men team arrived 30 minutes early and found suitable place to park 3,5 Luton van. I like fact that my two 42 inches plasma tv were put in hard case tv covers,my ... full review

Nicola Spencer
Office removal London

When we found less expensive office space elsewhere, we decided to move from Covent Garden. Not everything would fit in our vehicles to move it, so I called Giant Removals for help because they gave us a great quote. They were wonderful; very frie... full review

Michael Y
Giant Removals A

Just a quick recommendation for Giant Removals. From the point of our initial enquiry to delivery of our last box, Sam and his team were brilliant. They promptly gave us a quote, confirmed our booking, arrived on-time, took great c... full review

Second successful move with Giant Removals

Without hesitation, I called up Giant Removals for my upcoming move because of the experience I had last time, I was hoping for the same treatment this time around with this local area move, and that's exactly what I got. I spoke with Sam an... full review

Good price stress free service

I contact several moving companies for a firm quote. Sam of Giant Removals was far more responsive and easy to deal with than any of the other companies we contacted. We ddecided to go through this service with all of the great reviews. When I fir... full review

Would definitely work with them again.

Third move in 2 years... Sometimes life throws you these situations but lucky for me I got Giant Removals to help out. They helped us move heavy furniture up three flights. Everything was fantastic and they were happy to help us get everything sit... full review

Quick and efficient move

2 HOURS! That's how long it took for Giant Removals 3 man crew to unload every damn thing I own from two moving crates, bring them up multiple flights of stairs, put them in designated areas of my apartment, assemble my bed, set up my TV, and have... full review

Great service start to finish

I've moved many times from across town to across the country. I've done it on my own and hired full service movers. I've never had better customer service from start to finish than from Giant Removals on my last move! That's from calling to get an... full review

*Last update 23 July 2016

Hiring Professional Office Movers for Office Removals in London

Climate change and resource management are two of the world's biggest issues today. Between the rapid depletion of valuable natural resources and the global population - which itself is rising uncontrollably - increasingly consuming more and more each year, environmental preservation has become the need of the day. A major perpetrator of consumption are big businesses and large corporations who, besides using valuable resources to provide services and create commodities, also use a tremendous among of resources for their day-to-day operations. And this is where office clearance comes in.

Among the most basic, and by far the most pragmatic methods of preserving the environment is recycling:by re-purposing and re-using objects that have already been used, consumption and resource depletion can effectively be minimized. Businesses can also contribute in this manner by use of office clearance. Office clearance is essentially the corporate version of recycling. It involves re-using old office fixtures, furniture and equipment, such as desks, chairs and even laptops. Alternatively, a business can purchase second hand equipment and fixtures.

Taking either of these approaches offers a number of important advantages to a business, not least of which are reductions in waste and costs as well as increased efficiency and sustainability. These factors, in turn, help reduce any unnecessary excess in the use of resources by a business, thus allowing for a reduction in resource depletion and the overall carbon footprint of the business. Naturally, this bodes well for the environment.

However, office clearance is no small undertaking. Because it involves streamlining the office-related objects a business uses, the task inevitably entails thorough compliance with complicated environmental regulations and gives rise to corporate social responsibility issues. Meeting these challenges head-on can be challenging, at the very least.

So how does one go about office clearance? It can be done in five broad steps. Each step requires answering a basic question.

The first step is a simple audit of all the relevant items that will be affected by the clearance. It involves asking a simple question: which items does your office need to keep? Figuring this step out saves a lot of time in the overall process and also helps mitigate its cost.

The next step requires the establishment of a time line: how soon do you want your office clearance to be finished? While you should focus on devising an efficient time frame, it is also important to leave a bit of room for mishaps. Simply put, your time line should be short enough to keep things efficient but long enough to allow for contingency plans.

Following the establishment of a time frame, a specialized clearance company must be chosen. Selecting the right organization involves looking at the company's resources, experience and reputation and, of course, prices. Office clearance itself cannot be done without the help of a specialist.

The fourth step is to sell your used office furniture and equipment through the clearance firm of your choice and get rebates.

The last and final step involves careful disposing of the waste according to environmental regulations.